Cleaning Habits to Start Following

Cleaning Habits to Start Following

It is that time of year where cleaning is a top priority to prepare for the warm days. Opening windows or sticking to a strict cleaning schedule. But don’t rule out commercial cleaning services if you want a professional to come into your home and help clean it up.

5 Cleaning Habits to Get Stuck On

1. Think of your house as a grid

Grid out the room in your head and decide what you want to clean first. Whether you pick small things or larger things it’s a quick and easy way to visualize the room to help you clean.

2. Work top to bottom

Cleaning services work this way too. Always do your floors last. Working from the top down will help collect the dust in one spot and not move it around onto items you already cleaned.

3. Microfiber cloths

These microfiber cloths are great to have in your cleaning basket. Commercial cleaning companies will use these when cleaning because they trap dust and dirt more. They are also fairly cheap.

4. Hooks are helpful

Instead of storing stuff in bins, consider hooks to hang and organize stuff. Hanging things up is a way to tidy things without stuffing so much in one spot.

5. Squeegee your shower

One way to help prevent mildew, soap scum, or mold is to squeegee your shower and curtains.